Empowering women to reclaim the most
important relationship in their lives;
the one with themselves.



Sarah is a qualified and registered therapist and certified psychological coach.

Sarah has a BSc degree in Psychology, MSc in Counselling Psychology, Diploma in Cognitive Coaching, Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy,

Stress Management and Mindfulness.

Sarah has empowered 1,000s of woman over the past 7 years to

release anxiety, insecurity, self-doubt and to stop over thinking,

so they can feel calm, confident and self assured.

Finally able to reclaim their relationship with themselves and

prioritise their own needs without feeling guilty.





































It's time you reclaimed 

the most important relationship in your life; the one with yourself.

You want to FINALLY feel empowered, calm, confident and free

but the wounds of past relationships,

the constant comparrison trap and

the overwhelming thoughts are weighing you down.

Together let's break free from anxiety, insecurity and self - doubt

and start creating positive, permanent and powerful change.

Hi, I'm Sarah, 

Its important for me to start by saying,

I know, I get it, I've been there.

​I've had my own challenges with my relationship with myself, my mind and my body.

Feeling like I lost myself. Not knowing who I truly was. 

Feeling lost, life-less, anxious, deflated and tearful.


Feeling disconnected from my truest self having lost myself in a painful past relationship.Which made me doubt myself, my abilities and my worth. 


Feeling overwhelmed, anxious and fearful.

The shadow and the pain of the past impacting on the present,impacting on my happiness, impacting on my purpose, impacting on my direction in life,impacting on my relationship with myself and those around me.


Feeling broken and having to rebuild myself piece by piece.

I needed to process, and to make sense of the situation I found myself in.


I had to heal. I had to learn to rebuild my sense of self, to build my confidence, to increase my self worth, dial down the inner critic, reconnect with my inner cheer leader and 

truly reclaim my relationship with myself.


I know how you feel, I've worked through it, 

so have the women I've worked with and

I absolutely know with the right support that you can too!

This is why I am so passionate about the work that I do.

It is my mission to empower women to realise their worth and

create a truly sacred relationship with themselves.

Confidently and courageously making themselves

and their own needs an unapologetic priority within their lives.


I empower women to unapologetically prioritise themselves and their own needs.

Empowering you to completely transform your relationship with your

mind, your body and ultimately yourself.


Working together to banish anxiety, fear, stress and self-doubt.

Find tools and techniques to silence your inner critic and remove self-limiting beliefs.

So you can stop neglecting yourself; and no longer feel resentful, resigned and deflated. 

FINALLY, respecting yourself and feel, confident, carefree, compassionate​, calm and courageous.

LIVING LIFE how you imaged and become the champion of your own life.

I empower women who are ready to reclaim the most important relationship in their life;

the one with themselves.

If you're ready, click the link below now and let's chat.