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90 Minute Deep Dive Call

A 90 Minute Deep Dive Call is for you if, you're either:


  • You’re at the start of your wellness or personal development journey and are looking for bespoke guidance on a specific aspect of your life


  • OR you have been feeling lost and confused and you want an outside perspective so you can gain clarity, direction and together identify instant actions you can take so you feel back in-control and motivated

I know that...


  • Your life is busy and you’re short on time, so you want instant actions and tools that you can implement today


  • You want a hit of motivation and positivity, to get you feeling clear on your next steps and to feel excited by your life again 


  • You want some guidance and support with whatever is going in your life, but, right now,  you’re unsure what you can actually do or where to even start, as your mind feels chaotic

  • You've been considering working together and you want to dip your toes into the water in terms of what working together would be like

  • You spend your time helping everyone else and now it's important you get specific time to focus upon you

  • The thought of having me in 'your back pocket' for a fortnight feels both comforting and motivating and you know it would be so empowering to have instant on the spot coaching following your deep dive call

This is where I come in

Spending the past 8 + years working as a high level manager within the NHS, has meant that I am used to supporting high achievers to create rapid change within a short time frame.

My structured and solution focused approach facilitates clarity and clear focus.

Which, enables you to feel supported, motivated and empowers you to take the exact steps you need so that you can move forward within your beautiful life.

Within Human Design, I'm a mental projector.


I naturally see things from a different perspective,

I'm here to act as a guide, turning my own lessons into medicine for those I'm blessed to work with. 


I'm here to support you to achieve your goals and become all that you came here to be.

I'm your biggest supporter; I believe in you and your power.


Your Deep Dive Call Structure


Deep Dive Call


We will jump on a 90 minute deep dive call; enabling you to continue taking confident decisive action.

You'll gain instant support, guidance and insight to

help you gain clarity

and move forward in the area of your life that's important.


90 minute's of bespoke, intuitive support which is focused solely on you.

A powerful and pro-active session; designed to give you the boost, motivation and clarity that you're seeking.



Our Approach: 4 C's


1. Connect :

Spent time connecting to yourself & make sense of what is going on for you within your life

2. Clarity:

Gain a new found clarity and view your life from an alternative empowering perspective 

3. Clear focus:

Identify clear actions and focuses so you feel motivated and back in- control. Take confident decisive action

4. Calm:

Exit the call by slowing down and creating calm, with a short guided visualisation


2 week Access

  • 'Sarah as your side kick' & biggest supporter for the  fortnight following our call

  • You will also have 2 weeks  additional access to me, for on-going support and accountability

  • You'll have instant access to me in your back pocket, for those moments when you're having a 'wobble', need a sanity check, want to run your thoughts by me or want to celebrate your progress

  • You will gain instant on the spot reassurance, much needed pep talks and strategies, so that you can feel on track AND continue taking confident decisive action to feel your best self

Nic, Solicitor: Worked with Sarah for 6 months

Working with Sarah was so powerful.
She has such a calming & soothing nature, which really helped me to connect to her straight away.
Having access to Sarah in-between calls was incredibly supportive. I think this is a unique offering and having daily access/check in's & support was truly invaluable to my growth. 
Receiving voice notes from Sarah made the whole experience so personal and her responses were always so structured and every time she provided a clear, complete & full response. 
Anyone who works with Sarah, is lucky to have her in their life!

The Investment

£222 - Paid in Full

What are you waiting for?

If you are ready to move forward and wish to book an Elevate or Empower hour you can

you can contact me here or email me at

I can't wait to see how we can work together!

Sarah x

My Approach
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