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Sarah Tombs, Therapist, Psychological Coach and Wellbeing Expert

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Hello, I’m Sarah! I’m so happy you’re here!

As a Therapist, Psychological Coach & Workplace Wellbeing Consultant -

I specialise in teaching Big-Hearted High Achievers how to swap doubt

for more confident, decisive action so they can live their most unapologetic life.

I also work closely with Heart-Led Organisations; 

helping them prioritise the Well-being of their workforce, so both their staff and business can thrive.

If you need tools, techniques and empowering guidance

to quieten your mind, cultivate confidence and to move forward in your life, then you are in the right place.

Over 11 years, 8000+, 100% recommendation rate client 

Feeling calm, confident and self-assured can be real for you.

Doing things differently feels daunting, yet it is entirely achievable and absolutely worth it!

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How I can help you


Looking for unique 1:1 support?

Work with me one to one and learn how to let go of self doubt, quieten your mind, cultivate true inner calm and build your confidence.  


Excel forward on your healing or personal development journey with supportive guidance, weekly accountability, and me as your guide and biggest supporter throughout the process.


You can read more here to find out who I work with, the process and how you and I can move forward together.

Are you a

Therapist or Coach?

If you’re a Therapist,  Coach or Teacher then you’re invited to join us each month to learn and level up!


My monthly continued professional development workshops, teachings and training are for you if you want to join a community of like-minded practitioners, learn new skills, expand your ways of working and continue building your confidence.


You can check out the teachings and topics for each monthly masterclass here and book your place.

Looking to support your workforce?

After nearly a decade of managing and supporting frontline NHS staff; I am an expert when it comes to workplace & employee wellbeing. 


You can hire me to provide bespoke workshops and training on a variety of topics designed to empower your team.


I can also advise and support you to implement processes, practises and policies to help you proactively look after the mental health and wellbeing of your workforce.

Or do you want an empowering group experience?

Why not join my group coaching programme ‘EmpowerHER.’


This is for you if you want to continue on your journey, surrounded by a  supportive sisterhood. 


You’ll gain group accountability, practical tools, processes and healing practises.


This nourishing, and nurturing setting will allow you to continue building calm, increase your confidence and connect you to your inner power.

‘Your relationship with yourself influences all the other relationships in your life’
Sarah Tombs

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Learn what I teach in my 1:1 coaching.


Inside this free 30min masterclass, you’ll discover

step-by-step actions to begin creating a calmer mind. 


So, that you can feel comfortable and confident

within yourself,

improve your relationships with loved ones,

say yes to social situations and more of your beautiful life.


Inside are 4 psychological techniques that I use with all my 1:1 clients to teach them

how to overcome doubt, and take more confident, decisive action to live their most unapologetic life. 


“I felt so relieved after that initial call as Sarah was so supportive, 

knowledgeable and relatable. 

Through our coaching we worked through issues that had impacted me for years;

she empowered me to let go of the things holding me back and 

to focus on myself and my future. 


I can finally say I feel like the old me again - happy, confident and self assured."

Fiona - Teacher, London

"Following Sarah’s social media and downloading some of her resources led me to make contact with her

and join her 90 day coaching package.

She has been fantastic throughout; she challenges your thoughts, gives you a different perspective

and really motivates you to improve and become your best self.


Her style is calm, yet effective and will empower you to create the changes you're looking for,

you’ll develop your own plan along with identifying tools to support yourself to feel calm, confident and content."


I would absolutely recommend Sarah’s services to everyone.

David, Project Manager, Northern Ireland

Gain expert support for your staff, promote employee wellbeing and find out how you can help your employees thrive

The wellbeing of your employees is paramount and now more than ever it is essential you are taking aligned action

to support the mental health, wellbeing

and resilience of your team. 


If you are looking for therapeutic tools, psychological techniques, guidance and bespoke support to move confidently forward in your life 
then you are in the right place


You can access my free 30 min Masterclass and instantly discover step by step actions

you can take to create a calmer mind;

stop overthinking and start living the life you were meant to lead


Inside the Masterclass, you'll discover:

How to go from overwhelmed to overcoming doubt in just 4 simple steps


How to calm your racing mind for good


How to stop sabotaging friendships & say yes to more of your beautiful life


Access 4 psychological techniques, I teach all my 1:1 clients and take more confident, decisive action today


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