Are you wanting to move forward in your life feeling,
calm, confident and content?

Sarah’s coaching package truly exceeded my expectations.


Before working with Sarah I knew I wanted to make changes in my life but didn't know where to start and I had never worked with a coach before. Sarah’s profile stood out to me and when I saw her videos on social media, I knew that she was the perfect choice for me. 


I learned alot from her approach and appreciated how uniquely she worked. She equipped me with strategies which I could use to support me and she empowered me on my journey to becoming me again. Sarah worked at my pace and was extremely flexible in her approach.


Before working with Sarah I felt out of control, low and was full of self doubt. Through coaching together I have a new found sense of control, my thinking is calm and rational and I feel able to handle what life throws at me. The amount of change through our work together has taken me by surprise and is extremely positive. I now feel calm, content and empowered and make decisions with confidence.


Sarah has encouraged me to challenge my way of thinking and how I approach my life and above all I have learnt to love myself again and feel content with myself and life.


I would highly recommend that you work with Sarah if you want to make long lasting positive changes in your life.


RH, Civil Service, Staffordshire

Are you someone who’s discovered the power of self - development and self- care and now imagines a courageous new future; where you’re taking centre stage in your life? 


*Picture this* You’re confident, calm, courageous and content and you flow effortlessly forward in your life with joy and ease. 


I see you. I was you. I’m here to empower you.


Yet, you know that there’s work you need to do.

Those self doubts are loud, that inner critic rears it’s head and sounds truly convincing. It feels overwhelming and is keeping you stuck in the comparison trap, constantly comparing yourself to your colleagues, your friends, everyone you went to school with and heck even people you see on social media. 


So, you’ve been feeling stuck and perhaps like a fraud in work.. 

Like everyone else has their sh*t together somehow?


You’ve known this feeling has been building for a while, you’ve noticed you’re not yourself, anxiety has been rising and your mind keeps feeling busier and busier.

Things have needed to change for a while, haven't they? And, you’ve thought about breaking free of self-doubt before. You have been listening to podcasts on your commute to work and reading all the latest self help books… yet they’ve not been as helpful as you had hoped?


You can’t believe how far up the professional ladder you’ve climbed and no one has found out yet… you feel like you’re ‘winging it’ and everyone else looks like they’ve got their sh*t together.


You’ve somehow found yourself in this place, where people at work expect things from you, perhaps you’re having to give talks at work,  perhaps you’re having to manage other people, perhaps there's an expectation that you would give presentations or god forbid… even talk in front of large groups.


Yet, for you, the fear of speaking in public is almost crippling.


Just the thought of it gives you an instant knot in your stomach, you feel your heart pounding and there’s a lump feeling in your throat that you can’t seem to completely budge. 

You’ve started exercising, although sometimes it’s hit and miss. 

You’ve heard of meditation and perhaps dabbled in this but not stuck to a consistent routine. 

You’ve attended free online seminars or spent your time watching youtube videos before and found yourself googling ‘How to be confident’. 


But, your mind is still racing, you feel anxiety rise everyday, you feel squashed by life, stuck in the comparison trap and you just want to break free of all of this. You crave feeling calm, confident and content.

You’re overwhelmed and you know you need to speak about things you’ve never done before. You perhaps follow loads of accounts on social media who talk about confidence, mental wellbeing and wellness yet you just want to find the right person. 


It’s important for you to do your research, to find the right person to work with;

a therapeutic coach who you feel you can connect to. 


Someone who you know will get it, someone who will get you. 

You need to find someone experienced and who you feel able to trust. 

Isn't it true that nothing changes until something changes?

What if in 4 months time you could feel completely different?


I’m soooo happy and proud of you that you found your way here. 

WELCOME to my area of the internet.

My name is Sarah Tombs

and I am a Registered Therapist and 

Certified Psychological Coach that works with motivated professionals that want to learn how to train their mind so they can feel calm, confident and consistently better.


You're in the right place if your are:


  • Ready to prioritise yourself and create powerful change

  • Someone who’s looking for a mixture of a supportive space

  • Plus wants powerful processes and psychological practices that you can utilise to help you move confidently forward in your life

I’m here to help you.


I absolutely love working with and empowering motivated professionals to feel calm, confident and connected to their true self throughout my Empowerment Package.




This Empowerment Package is a bespoke 120 day 1:1 therapeutic coaching and mentoring process that takes you from stuck and overwhelmed to confident, calm and content. 


Equipping you with psychological tools and techniques that support you to finally

feel Empowered.


What if.....

  • You woke up each day feeling instantly calm; knowing that you could absolutely handle whatever came up that day?

  • You felt confident within yourself; knowing that you were safe, valued and loved?

  • You were feeling consistently calm and knew how to invite calm into your life daily?

  • You knew how to meet your needs; so you could feel full of life and content?

  • You started to feel confident within groups and could hold your own public speaking?

  • You had confidence within your decisions and your voice was calm yet strong?

  • Your mind felt quiet and your could think clearly for the first time in years?

  • You stopped masking how you were really feeling and courageously did the work so you could feel content with life?

  • You finally felt like your old self; happy go lucky, care free and empowered?