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Do you want to swap doubt for confident, decisive action so you can live your most unapologetic life?

Sarah’s coaching package truly exceeded my expectations.


Before working with Sarah I knew I wanted to make changes in my life but didn't know where to start and I had never worked with a coach before. Sarah’s profile stood out to me and when I saw her videos on social media, I knew that she was the perfect choice for me. 


I learned alot from her approach and appreciated how uniquely she worked. She equipped me with strategies which I could use to support me and she empowered me on my journey to becoming me again. Sarah worked at my pace and was extremely flexible in her approach.


Before working with Sarah I felt out of control, low and was full of self doubt. Through coaching together I have a new found sense of control, my thinking is calm and rational and I feel able to handle what life throws at me. The amount of change through our work together has taken me by surprise and is extremely positive. I now feel calm, content and empowered and make decisions with confidence.


Sarah has encouraged me to challenge my way of thinking and how I approach my life and above all I have learnt to love myself again and feel content with myself and life.


I would highly recommend that you work with Sarah if you want to make long lasting positive changes in your life.


RH, Civil Service, Staffordshire

Are you someone who’s discovered the power of self - development and self- care and now imagines a courageous new future; where you’re taking centre stage in your life? 


*Picture this* You’re confident, calm, courageous and content and you flow effortlessly forward in your life with joy and ease. 


I see you. I was you. I’m here to empower you.


Yet, you know that there’s work you need to do.

Those self doubts are loud, that inner critic rears it’s head and sounds truly convincing. It feels overwhelming and is keeping you stuck in the comparison trap, constantly comparing yourself to your colleagues, your friends, everyone you went to school with and heck even people you see on social media. 


So, you’ve been feeling stuck and perhaps like a fraud in work.. 

Like everyone else has their sh*t together somehow?


You’ve known this feeling has been building for a while, you’ve noticed you’re not yourself, anxiety has been rising and your mind keeps feeling busier and busier.

Things have needed to change for a while, haven't they? And, you’ve thought about breaking free of self-doubt before. You have been listening to podcasts on your commute to work and reading all the latest self help books… yet they’ve not been as helpful as you had hoped?


You can’t believe how far up the professional ladder you’ve climbed and no one has found out yet… you feel like you’re ‘winging it’ and everyone else looks like they’ve got their sh*t together.


You’ve somehow found yourself in this place, where people at work expect things from you, perhaps you’re having to give talks at work,  perhaps you’re having to manage other people, perhaps there's an expectation that you would give presentations or god forbid… even talk in front of large groups.


Yet, for you, the fear of speaking in public is almost crippling.


Just the thought of it gives you an instant knot in your stomach, you feel your heart pounding and there’s a lump feeling in your throat that you can’t seem to completely budge. 

You’ve started exercising, although sometimes it’s hit and miss. 

You’ve heard of meditation and perhaps dabbled in this but not stuck to a consistent routine. 

You’ve attended free online seminars or spent your time watching youtube videos before and found yourself googling ‘How to be confident’. 


But, your mind is still racing, you feel anxiety rise everyday, you feel squashed by life, stuck in the comparison trap and you just want to break free of all of this. You crave feeling calm, confident and content.

You’re overwhelmed and you know you need to speak about things you’ve never done before. You perhaps follow loads of accounts on social media who talk about confidence, mental wellbeing and wellness yet you just want to find the right person. 


It’s important for you to do your research, to find the right person to work with;

a therapeutic coach who you feel you can connect to. 


Someone who you know will get it, someone who will get you. 

You need to find someone experienced and who you feel able to trust. 

Isn't it true that nothing changes until something changes?

What if in 3 months time you could finally feel calm and confident?


I’m soooo happy and proud of you that you found your way here. 

WELCOME to my area of the internet.

My name is Sarah Tombs

and I am a Calm & Inner Confidence Coach and workplace Wellbeing Consultant.

I teach high achievers, just like you to swap doubt

for more confident, decisive action

so they can live their most unapologetic lives.


I've worked this way for the past 10 years.


Seeing the people I'm blessed to work with

grow, change, transform and flourish through our coaching together is a privilege of my life


You're in the right place if your are:


  • Ready to prioritise yourself and create powerful change

  • Someone who’s looking for a mixture of a supportive space

  • Plus wants powerful processes and psychological practices that you can utilise to help you move confidently forward in your life

I’m here to help you.


I absolutely love working with and empowering high achieving motivated professionals to feel calm, confident and connected to their true self throughout my Empowerment Package.

My Approach




This Empowerment Package is

a bespoke 90 day

1:1 therapeutic coaching and mentoring process

that takes you from stuck and overwhelmed to confident, calm and content. 


Equipping you with psychological tools and techniques that you can utilise for the rest of your life to support you to finally feel how you've always wanted to -

Calm, Confident and Empowered.

Moving confidently forward, feeling focused achieving your goals and thriving within each area of your beautiful life.


What if.....

  • You woke up each day feeling instantly calm; knowing that you could absolutely handle whatever came up that day?

  • You felt confident within yourself; knowing that you were safe, valued and loved?

  • You were feeling consistently calm and knew how to invite calm into your life daily?

  • You knew how to meet your needs; so you could feel full of life and content?

  • You started to feel confident within groups and could hold your own public speaking?

  • You had confidence within your decisions and your voice was calm yet strong?

  • Your mind felt quiet and you could think clearly for the first time in years?

  • You stopped masking how you were really feeling and courageously did the work so you could feel content with life?

  • You finally felt like your old self; happy go lucky, care free and empowered?


Is this you?

​1. You're stuck in your head, over thinking and your mind sometimes feels like it races 100mph?

2. You compare yourself to those around, wondering why you can't be 'more like them'?

3. Your life feels like it's on 'auto-pilot', you're doing the same things day in day out and you're lacking clarity and direction?

4. You notice you stop yourself doing things or saying yes to things through fear, self-doubt and low self belief?

5. Your current behaviour doesn't align with what you want, you notice you're feeling scattered, you're putting things off, avoiding doing the things you need to do, which just increases that sense of deflation you feel?

6. You see others around you achieving their goals and leading a happy life. You feel frustrated at your lack of self belief and know it is time to change those self limiting beliefs that weigh you down?

7. You're constantly stop/starting each month with your personal goals, you can't seem to stick to what you agreed with yourself and you're fed up of having to re-start all over again?

8. You're done with putting yourself at the bottom of your list and know you owe it to yourself to make space to focus on yourself and your goals?

9. You're tired of being floored by life's challenges and want to handle stress in a calm and solution focused way?

10. You're ready to stop feeling stuck and to intentionally take massive action towards creating the life you want and know you deserve?

If you found yourself saying yes to those above

then my 90 day coaching package is for you


Do you want?

1. To learn how to train your mind, to enable you to feel both calm & positive about your life.

2. To gain specific support + identify strategies so you feel focused, motivated and increase your self belief.

3. To work through the barriers that are holding you back and to increase your inner confidence, so you can excel forward in your life

4. To gain clarity and identify the psychological processes and practises you can implement to increase your sense of calm and confidence.

5. To feel full of self belief, know that you can create the changes you desire and become self-disciplined so you stick to your goals.

6. To make peace with your past & break free, no longer allowing the shadow of the past to steal your present.

7. To create a consistently still mind, learn how to manage your thoughts and for calmness to become your new way of being.

8. To learn to be gentle with yourself, increase self compassion so you feel better and life feels better.

9. To take ownership of your beautiful life, fully believing in yourself and your ability.

10. In 90 days time, feel radically different to how you do right now - to feel calm, confident and self assured.

‘Working with Sarah has been a wonderful, supportive, life changing experience.


It really helped changed my mindset and therefore my life. 

Before working with Sarah, I was really struggling with anxiety, wasn’t accepting of my emotions and really held myself back due to not being confident, I was constantly worrying and panicking. 


Sarah helped me develop my own tools and strategies so that I could learn how to be calm and more present. I haven't had any panic attacks since our coaching together and if I do feel anxious it doesn’t last long at all now because i know how to dealt with that and put my tools in place. 


I’m much more accepting of the feelings I have  and have the tools to get me through it. 

I now give myself permission to feel all emotions rather than feeling annoyed with myself when a negative emotion comes up. 

Through my coaching with Sarah, I am genuinely so much happier, much more self confident in my abilities and I am able to prioritise myself and my needs without feeling guilty! 

My work with Sarah was life changing and I can’t thank her enough.


Cheyenne - Nurse, London.

You deserve to thrive within your life, where self doubt,
low confidence and anxiety no longer stop you

The change you want requires you to take actions that you haven't taken before.

so the saying goes...

'If you've always done, what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always gotten'


To shift forward from where you are in your life; stuck, lost, deflated, anxious...

To life feeling better,

to you sticking to healthy habits and achieving your goals


To you feeling calm, confident, happy and at peace...

You have to take courageous action to finally prioritise yourself.

The foundation to my coaching is to support you to nurture your relationship with yourself.

When you do so, your confidence increases, your self-belief excels and everything in your life levels up.


50 % of the work we will do together will be to help you make sense of the past, to create understanding, build self awareness of yourself, thoughts and current belief systems. 

Your (self) knowledge becomes your power for transformation.

50% of the work we will do together is on training your mind and creating your growth mindset.

Together, identify psychological tools, techniques and unique self-support strategies

to help you make confident, decisive action to live your most unapologetic life.

Do you want to know why my work is different?

I use a powerful combination of Psychology, Strategy and Spirituality
to help you transform from the inside out



Having studied Psychology for over 16 years, psychology and psychological coaching is the backbone to our work together. I utilise proven psychological techniques to help you build awareness and understand your thought patterns, emotions and behaviours. You will learn how to

're-train' your mind; so that you can feel calm and self-assured.



Coaching allows powerful transformation.

Identify the exact steps you need to take to gain clarity, direction & momentum and excel forward in your life. 

Create a 'tool kit' of self-support strategies you can utilise for life; learn how to manage challenges and the strategies to help you create change. 



Although my coaching is practical and process driven, there is also a spiritual side that I weave into our work together.

I support you to strengthening your relationship with yourself and your intuition. To build self trust and empowerment.

Weaving into our work, powerful visualisations, trasformational breath work and mindset and healing meditations

It is time to stop holding yourself back and take your next courageous action so that you can swap doubt for confidence - for good.

What it looks like to work with me 1:1:


1 initial connection call followed by bi-weekly 1:1 sessions.

Delivering over 7 hours of personalized attention carefully crafted to meet your unique needs and aspirations.

Our extended initial call, lasting 90 minutes,

sets the tone for our journey together, providing you with the essential steps to cultivate a calm mind and boost your inner confidence.

Bespoke calls allow us to dive deep into your progress, address challenges, and fine tune your strategies, ensuring you feel your most confident self. 🚀


Together we will lay out our collaborative journey.


You'll experience a newfound mental clarity, a sense of being firmly on the right path.

You'll be free from the muddled confusion of which steps to take, instead,

you'll be brimming with confidence in your choices.

Your personalised empowerment plan

will serve as a 'roadmap',

guiding you steadily towards living

your most

unapolagetic life 🦋


Ongoing Guidance and Support through messages; so the most meaningful Changes can unfold.

Keep me at your fingertips for those times when you need a reassuring chat,

a quick reality check, or simply want to celebrate your achievements.

With instant access, you'll gain not only reassurance but also valuable strategies to stay on track and confidently take decisive action, helping you become the best version of yourself.


My clients tell me having this is invaluable and truly where most of the changes happen🚀💪


You'll gain immediate access to a treasure trove of empowering meditations, enriching visualizations, and insightful masterclasses.

PLUS personalised notes and tailored recommendations, including a wealth of resources and practical worksheets to support your journey.

But that's not all—there's additional bespoke magic.


You'll also receive specially crafted meditations and visualisations to build peace, empowerment & inner calm  🧘‍♂️✨

Working with Sarah had been such a powerful journey. 

Through our coaching she helped me to move forward in my life, after years of feeling stuck. 


I regained the strength I needed to start truly living my life again, on my terms, focusing on myself; which I truly appreciate. 


During our coaching I really felt cared for and supported by Sarah. 


The additional support Sarah offers in between calls was a total game changer and made all the difference to my progress. This made such a significant difference and was a powerful tool I could access her as my ‘side kick’ which kept me feeling motivated and in control.


Through working with Sarah I learnt lots of new things, along with tools and strategies that I will continue to use forever to feel calm and confident.

I am finally able to actually enjoy time with myself and feel so positive about my future. You did an amazing job Sarah, I truly recommend you.


Seb, Engineer, Bristol.


What are you waiting for?

This could be the moment you finally say yes to yourself,

your dreams and creating a life where you feel better.

Through her 90 day coching package Sarah has helped people like you:

  • Feel consistently calm and confident

  • Become confident speaking in meetings at work and managing large teams

  • Feel empowered and thrive in social situations

  • Change their career paths and feel more confident in their work place

  • Enhance their relationship with loved ones and feel connected, heard and seen in their relationships

  • Step into the leader in their lives and positive impact the lives of those around them

  • Become a confident role model for their children

  • Learn how to communicate clearly and get their needs met 

  • Get promotions within the work place and become recognised as an expert in their field

  • Become themselves; happy, care-free and empowered

+ so much more!

'One of the most valuable gifts you can give yourself is time'


Gift yourself the time to work on you.


Do you want your next step?

I specialise in teaching high achievers,

just like you, to cultivate inner calm, unshakable confidence

and feel empowered from within.

If you're ready to embark on this transformative journey with my signature 90-Day Empowerment Package,


I invite you to complete the application form below.

Be open and honest – it's the best way for me to ensure

that this package is tailor-made for you.


I'll thoroughly go through your application,

and then be in touch via email to set up an

initial connection call.

I'm celebrating you for taking this courageous step to becoming your most confident self. 


HP, Mental Health Nurse

“Working with Sarah exceeded my expectations.
She sunshine in human form and I can’t begin to thank her enough for supporting me, being patient with me and equipping me with tools to help me evolve and feel empowered.

I’m so glad I took the decision to email Sarah and working together has changed my life.


It’s been such a special journey and Sarah was the perfect person for the job!


Thank you, thank you, thank you.


I cannot thank her enough!"

ORVU2792 - David Fulton (1)_edited_edited.jpg

DF, Project Manager

"The additional support Sarah offers is amazing.

Sarah was attentive, available, calm,

clear and always concise; giving me tangible strategies that I could use.


Through working together I have changed significantly; calmness and peace are now the set standard.


Techniques I have learned are ingrained and I use these daily.

To anyone thinking of working with Sarah, I would say -

Absolutely do it,

invest in yourself and working together will repay you tenfold."

IMG_5650 - Masarra Elmorabet.jpg

ME, Business Owner

"Sarah is very supportive and understanding.

I had the opportunity to take things away, continue understanding my behaviours and learn to practise tools in my mental toolbox was more than what I was expecting.


Additionally, the fact that Sarah is available outside of the calls, made this even more valuable and the package exceeded my expectations!

If you're reading this - Go for it! I have no regrets and you won't either.


There isn't anyone else I've come across who shows so much passion in the work they do, as Sarah does and

I'll forever be grateful for all the hard work Sarah has put in this package and working uniquely with me" 

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