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For Therapists & Coaches


Are you looking for a clinical supervisor?

Are you looking for an expansive and supportive supervision space, to hold the whole of you and your client work?


Having 11 years of experience, I offer you and integrative approach coupled with an intuitive nature, which is adapted to meet you where you’re at on your counsellor journey.





I have significant experience of working within charities with adults and young people and, within a university setting supporting 18 - 25-year old’s. I have helped them to feel calm, confident and capable which has allowed them to take confident decisive action & thrive within their lives.


I’ve spent a decade working within the NHS, as a high level manager, providing short term therapy and workplace wellbeing support to frontline NHS staff helping them to reduce anxiety, overwhelm and burnout which has allowed them to prioritise their wellbeing and find greater balance in their lives.


Throughout, I’ve spent several years supporting the practice of counselling placement students, running group supervision sessions and providing mentorship to counsellors - in - training, as well as qualified volunteers and staff.

I have helped them to develop their confidence and competence which has shaped their practice and development as therapists. 


I now run my own business, providing therapy, coaching, training, supervision and specialise in workplace wellbeing consultancy supporting businesses and organisations internationally. 






Since qualifying as a clinical supervisor in 2015, from the Manchester Institute of Psychotherapy, I’ve worked with supervises at varying levels.


I adapt my style to meet you where you are on your counsellor journey; whether that be just embarking on your first placement or whether you’re qualified and you’re seeking a new supervisor.


I am currently working with both counsellors in training and experienced therapists who are embarking on private practice and are attached to organisations.


Throughout my career I’ve ran group supervision sessions and worked both face-to-face and online, mentoring therapists at varying stages within their practice. 



I pride myself on arriving punctually to each supervision space offering a calm, grounded and open energy. 


By drawing upon an integrative base with an intuitive nature, I strive to provide a supervision space that feels supportive, safe and expansive; to hold the whole of you and your client work.


My style is flexible, accommodating and most importantly, adapted to you; your competency level and your supervision needs. I offer nurture and guidance to newer counsellors and, a reflective and expansive space for those more experienced. 


I won’t collude with you, yet I will be your biggest supporter; offering you challenge and congruent reflection. 


Our supervision sessions will gift you a reflective space which will place yourself and your experiences at the forefront of our time together. This will enable you to positively shape your practice, increase your ‘tool kit’ and self-belief, develop your service to your clients and pro-actively encourage your own wellbeing too.

I operate online via secure, confidential online platform and have worked online since 2016, I also have experience of supervising counsellors who operate online.



I’ve been blessed to support supervises’ at varying levels, for the past 9 years, gaining my supervision qualification in 2015. 


To hear previous supervises share impacts of working together, you can click below to listen.
































If you're anything like me, then connection, true connection; where you feel seen, heard, accepted & understood is essential to any relationship. The supervisory relationship is no different.


I also know it's important to work with a supervisor who get's ‘it’; this wild counselling journey with all its ups and downs, who understands the complexities of working within organisations and the tenacity it takes to run a successful private practice. 


Ultimately, I am a supervisor who get's you and your unique position on your therapist journey.


I also believe vulnerability is the cornerstone to transformation. 


As I share with you a little bit more about me, it is my hope that I shine a spotlight on my human side, which I believe ultimately shapes our supervision relationship together. I always say - ‘human first, therapist second’ and this is truly how we will work together.


So, here’s goes…


I've been on, and continue to go through, my own self development, healing, and empowerment journey – a journey which I believe continues throughout our life!


I’ve had my own challenges with imposter syndrome and self-doubt within my NHS role. I’ve experienced painful past relationships. I’ve been a ‘people pleaser.’ I’ve worked through grief and loss and, I’ve overcome significant health challenges at a young age.


Yet, all of these life experiences have led me to where I am today which now allows me to utilise my own unique gifts within my work, call upon my lessons as medicine, practice with real understanding and, truly know that my softness is my superpower.

Over the past 10 years, I’ve loved working with high achievers, using a beautiful mix of Psychology, Spirituality & Strategy.


When I’m not working with clients, organisations or Supervisee’s, you’ll find me exploring the countryside with my 2 dogs (who are the light of my life), escaping to the ocean with my partner, lifting weights in the gym or curled up with my kindle and an oat milk flat white. 





£60 per hour - students

£70 per hour - qualified

Payable via Bank transfer.




Personal training and development is something that I pride myself on, and I strive to continue my lifelong learning journey. I stay up to date with the latest thinking and practice across the world of psychology, therapy and coaching.


  • BSc degree in Psychology,

  • MSc in Counselling Psychology, 

  • Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural, Therapy (CBT) 

  • Certificate in Clinical Supervision,

  • Diploma in Cognitive Coaching, 

  • Certificate in Mentoring, 

  • Certificate in Transactional Analysis (TA) 

  • Certificate in Life Coaching,

  • Working with the Bereaved

  • Certificate in Mindfulness

  • CISM Training (Critical Incident Stress Management)




Thank you for being here.


If you’ve connected and felt drawn to what I’ve shared, then let’s explore working together further.


You can send me an email which details: your full availability for supervision (including dates and times) to


From there, we can set up an initial call to touch base and discuss your supervision need.


Looking forward to meeting you and supporting you wherever you may be on your counsellor journey. 


With love & gratitude,


Supervisee Kind Words

Screenshot 2023-01-27 at 12.39.47.png

"Sarah and I have been working together since I gained my Fitness to Practice.


I felt a connection to her the first time we met and our professional relationship has grown from there.


We have worked in both a face to face capacity and online which is equally valuable.


As a Counsellor - in - training Sarah was the goal keeper guarding 'my net'  and offered. supportive 'safe pair of hands'

and since I qualified, she has become more of a 'Co- Pilot', helping me to continue my growth and navigate this

counselling journey.


She has championed, challenged and celebrated me. In short, I feel extremely fortunate that Sarah is my Supervisor.

I would 100% recommend you work with her."

Wendy, Qualified Counsellor & Therapist

If you're a counsellor, therapist, coach, mentor or teacher and you've connected with what I've shared above, you can send me an email to book in an initial call together to explore working together.

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