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Who do I Work With?

You’re here because you are ready to create change and put your wellness at the forefront.


If you are looking for therapeutic tools, psychological techniques, guidance and bespoke support to move confidently forward in your life 
then you are in the right place

I work with motivated professionals who are feeling one of 3 ways:


  • Are either feeling totally overwhelmed by life, know change needs to happen and are wanting to find ways to quieten their mind, cultivate calm and boost inner confidence


  • Are either wanting to continue advancing forwards on their personal development journey and need a guide in order to elevate forward, advance to the next level of their life to get the results they want


  • Are ready to commit to change and to learn more about themselves; feeling both nervous and excited to input processes and practices to finally ‘level up’


Whether it’s guidance, accountability, support or psychological strategies; 

I got you.


I have 3 ways of working 1:1 with motivated professionals 

who are ready to create change:

1. Empowerment Package: 120 Day therapeutic coaching package

This Empowerment Package is a bespoke 120 day 1:1 therapeutic coaching and mentoring process that takes you from

stuck and overwhelmed to confident, calm and content. 


This is for you if you are ready to finally feel like you again and are willing to take aligned action to create the positive changes you’ve been searching for.


Over the next 120 days we will work together to equip you with the psychological tools, techniques and processes that you need, so that you can: 


  • Feel calm, confident and empowered


  • Cultivate self compassion, self love and self worth


  • Stop feeling stuck, overwhelmed and stop letting the past impact the present


  • Boost your self esteem, increase your self confidence and feel good about yourself


  • Learn how to create a calm and quiet mind


  • Move forward in your life focused on yourself; feeling content with your path

Not ready for 1:1 work and looking for an 

empowering group experience?

You are invited to check out EmpowHER, my signature group coaching programme. 

This is perfect for you, if you’re a motivated woman just beginning to discover the world of wellness. If you are curious about self-love and self-development and want to surround yourself with an intimate group of like-minded women all on a powerful journey to

Heal, Empower and Rise.


I love to work with motivated professionals who are ready to move forwards in their lives but are looking for guidance on how to do this. 


In a world that feels so busy and hectic it can feel overwhelming even knowing where to start. 


I know just how busy you are and that it can feel like you an continuously juggling EVERYTHING!

The fine balancing act you're doing to juggle your commitments, interests, family, relationships and work; it can feel challenging to know how to begin to create the changes you're looking for.

Put down that worry; you're in the right place!

I can show you how to create the positive, permanent and powerful shifts

that you have been longing for.

2. Elevate Package: 120 day coaching and mentoring package

This Elevate Package is a bespoke 120 day 1:1 life and psychological coaching and mentoring process that will elevate each area of your life enabling you to reach the ‘next level’.


This is for you if you are wanting to continue advancing forwards on your personal and professional development journey and would value a guide so that you can 

level up each area of your life and get the results you want


Over the next 120 days we will work together to equip you with your bespoke plan, processes, practices and psychological tools, so that you can: 


  • Learn how to train your mind for success


  • Build upon existing strengths to elevate 


  • Understand and manage your emotions so you can advance forwards in your life


  • Create unshakable calm, so you can show up as the leader you are


  • Get clear on your path forwards and the process to implement to get you there


  • Formulate aligned goals that you feel excited to achieve


  • Be more focused and intentional with your time


  • Level up in every way

3. Elevate and Empower Hours

An Elevate and Empower Hour session is for you if:


  • You’re at the start of your wellness or personal development journey and are looking for bespoke guidance on a specific aspect of your life


  • OR you have been feeling lost and confused and you want an outside perspective so you can gain clarity and direction


  • Your life is busy and you’re short on time so you want instant actions and tools that you can implement today


  • You want a hit of motivation and positivity to get you feeling clear on your next steps and to feel excited by your life again 


  • You want some guidance and support with whatever is going on right now but you’re unsure what you can do or where to start

  • You want to dip your toes into the water in terms of what working together would be like

For Therapist’s, Coaches or Wellness Professional’s

Join my monthly masterclasses, Continued Professional Development, teachings, training and ‘Time out’s’. 


These are for you if:


  • You want to learn new skills and level up your practice


  • You want to join a community of like-minded practitioners who you’ll share passion and purpose with and help you feel connected on your path 


  • You’re continually curious and value being immersed in teachings so you can share more magic with your community and the world


  • You want to expand your ways or working, methodology, theories and tools so you can provide greater value to your clients


  • You know it is important to firstly look after yourself and your own wellbeing and you value monthly self care in the form of ‘time out’ which enables you to better show up 


I am also a qualified and experienced clinical supervisor experienced in supervising both qualified therapists and coaches, as well as those still in training. If you’re looking for a supervisor to supervise your work you can click below to find out more.

Do you run your own business and are looking to support the wellbeing of your workforce?

Design a bespoke wellness package that feels aligned to your staff and your company. 


Hire me and help your business thrive by investing in the wellbeing of your workforce and support your staff by investing in their wellbeing and equip them with tools and powerful techniques to manage the health of their minds.


It has never before been so imperative to prioritise workforce wellbeing.


I cannot wait to
work together.

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