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90 Minute Deep Dive Call (+2 weeks support)

A 90 Minute Deep Dive Call is for you if, you're either:


  • You’re at the start of your wellness or personal development journey and are looking for bespoke guidance on a specific aspect of your life


  • OR you have been feeling lost and confused and you want an outside perspective so you can gain clarity, direction and together identify instant actions you can take so you feel back in-control and motivated

  • OR we have previously worked together, you know the true value and power of our work and now feel you need guidance, support and 're-fresh' on your tool kit to help you navigate this next chapter of your beautiful life.

I know that...


  • Your life is busy and you’re short on time, so you want instant actions and tools that you can implement today


  • You want a hit of motivation and positivity, to get you feeling clear on your next steps and to feel excited by your life again 


  • You want some guidance and support with whatever is going in your life, but, right now,  you’re unsure what you can actually do or where to even start, as your mind feels chaotic

  • You've been considering working together and you want to dip your toes into the water in terms of what working together would be like

  • You spend your time helping everyone else and now it's important you get specific time to focus upon you

  • The thought of having me in 'your back pocket' for a fortnight feels both comforting and motivating and you know it would be so empowering to have instant on the spot coaching following your deep dive call

This is where I come in

Spending the past decade working as a high level manager within the NHS, has meant that I am used to teaching high achievers how to swap doubt for confidence and create powerful transformations within a short time frame.

My structured and solution focused approach facilitates clarity and clear focus.

Which, enables you to feel supported, motivated and empowers you to take the exact steps you need so that you can move forward within your beautiful life.

Within Human Design, I'm a mental projector.


I naturally see things from a different perspective,

I'm here to act as a guide, turning my own lessons into medicine for those I'm blessed to work with. 


I'm here to support you to achieve your goals and become all that you came here to be.

I'm your biggest supporter, your champion, your cheerleader and your guide - I believe in you and your power.


Your Deep Dive Call Structure

After a decade in this field, I've developed a simple yet effective approach, which is rooted in Psychology, Strategy and Spirituality. 


Deep Dive Call


A 90-minute deep dive call

is your opportunity to gain

the clarity, motivation,

and the bespoke support you need to swap doubt for confident decisive action

to move forward in the area of your life that's important to you.  


During this bespoke and intuitive session,

we'll focus solely on you

and provide you with

powerful insights and guidance so you can get 'unstuck' and confidently move forwards.


We'll work together to create

your unique plan, 

so you can go from feeling stuck, emotional, and frustrated...

to feeling clear, relieved, positive, and purposeful. 

A calming, yet active approach, so you have your unique actions to help you feel calm, confident & empowered.


You'll leave the call completely transformed;

feeling energised, motivated, and ready to take on the world.


Our Approach: 4 C's


Together, we'll use the 4 C's: Connect, Clarity, Clear focus,

and Calm.


Firstly, I'll help you take back your power. You'll connect with yourself and make sense of what's going on in your life.

Your heart will be filled with an empowering sense of relief; knowledge and understanding bring power.


Next, we begin to build the foundation you need to move forward with clarity; you'll have a new empowering perspective, you'll no longer feel confused at where you can start or what to do. You'll know uniquely, what this looks like for you and your life.


Then, together, we identify clear focus and the exact action you can take to swap doubt, for confident decisive action, so that you can live your most unapologetic life.


Finally, we'll exit the call and I'll guide you through a personalised visualisation exercise; to help you feel calm, centered and connected to your most empowered self.


2 week Access


As your sidekick and biggest supporter, I'll be there for you

in the two weeks following our call.


You'll have instant access to me for ongoing support and accountability.

This additional support will enable you to continue feeling calm, confident & grounded, helping you stay on track and achieving your goals.


With me in your back pocket, you'll have instant access to reassurance, pep talks, and strategies whenever you need them. 


Whether you're feeling uncertain, need a quick sanity check, want to run your thoughts by me, or to celebrate your progress, I'll be there for you every step of the way.


You'll gain instant on-the-spot support to help you feel on track and so that you can continue taking confident, decisive action towards becoming your best self.

My clients tell me this is invaluable and offers deep transformations.


Investment - £297

Unlock the power of tailored support with this powerful deep dive call! 🚀


Only four dedicated slots are available per month,

ensuring you receive the utmost of my energy, keeping you accountable and motivated over our fortnight together.


Personalised guidance to help you transform doubt into

unshakable confidence! 




Working with Sarah has been extremely beneficial and has positively impacted each area of my life; more positively than I ever could have imagined or expected.


Sarah is lovely and easy to talk to, each time we connect I feel more and more comfortable and at ease. I have been able to talk to her about things that I had previously not felt comfortable talking about before. 


Through our coaching together I have developed so much; I feel calm, in control and I can finally be the best version of myself. 

Through coaching together Sarah has helped me live my best life!


I highly recommend her and her work. Book in with her, you'll love it!

Rebecca, London

ORVU2792 - David Fulton (1)_edited.jpg

Sarah challenged me, mentored me and guided me, towards the goals/behaviours I wanted to achieve.


Sarah was all in with me and that level of trust and loyalty was a fantastic experience and created an excellent climate for me to grow and develop my potential.

The additional support Sarah offer's in-between is amazing & completes the package;

she was attentive, available, calm, clear and always concise; giving me tangible strategies that i could use.

To anyone thinking of working with Sarah, I would say -

Absolutely do it, invest in yourself; coaching will repay you ten fold.

David, Project Manager, Northern Ireland


Before I met Sarah I had lost touch with who I was; I was lost, confused and overwhelmed. 


Through our coaching together I feel like me again. I am calm, grounded, centred, confident in myself and empowered! Living my best life!


Sarah has equipped me with so many tools I can continue to utilise which feels empowering.


It was a great investment and 100% worth it! 


Our work together has been invaluable and I absolutely recommend Sarah and her work.

Amy, PhD Researcher, Aberdeen

You are deserving of feeling calm, confident & widely capable.

This is possible for you too.

Kind Words From My Beautiful Clients

Copy of Monthly Package 2023_edited.jpg
Copy of Monthly Package 2023_edited.jpg
Copy of Monthly Package 2023_edited.jpg
Copy of Monthly Package 2023_edited.jpg
Copy of Monthly Package 2023_edited.jpg
Copy of Monthly Package 2023_edited.jpg
Copy of Monthly Package 2023 (1)_edited.jpg
My Approach


How will we keep in touch after the call?

Following our deep dive call, you'll have access to two weeks of personalized support via Voxer or WhatsApp.

This is where the magic happens and is a unique aspect of my services.


It's during this time that powerful changes occur.


Whether you want to chat, ask questions, or simply share your progress, I'm here for you. 


I'll be there to provide guidance, share techniques, and offer support at your convenience.


Think of it as an extra boost of confidence whenever you need it.


There's no pressure to respond to my messages or voice notes right away.


You can reach out whenever it's convenient for you.


This support is all about fitting into your schedule and providing you with the flexibility you need to succeed.


Can I continue working with you?



Many of my clients find immense value in our work together and choose to continue.


We can have a discussion to determine which package suits you best.


You can explore my

90-Day Empowerment Package, designed to help you swap doubt for confidence,

or my Elevate Package, which focuses on self-development and becoming the best version of yourself.


Plus, I offer exclusive discounts for clients continuing their journey with me.


Let's chat and find the perfect fit for your goals!

Are you ready to swap doubt for confidence?

If so, I cannot wait to work with you and support you to become your calmest, most confident self.

With love & gratitude,

Sarah x

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