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Kind words from the High Achievers I've been blessed to coach

I really do feel empowered after my 90 days with Sarah. 


Before I met Sarah I had lost touch with who I was; I was lost, confused and overwhelmed. 


Through our coaching together I feel like me again. I am calm, grounded, centred, confident in myself and empowered! Living my best life!


Sarah has equipped me with so many tools I can continue to utilise which feels empowering.


From Sarah’s social media and the initial call I had such a good gut feeling that her unique offering of her Empowerment Package would bring about meaningful shifts.


It was a great investment and 100% worth it! 


All of the extra support materials Sarah provides were incredibly helpful and appreciated and helped me become me again.


Our work together has been invaluable and I absolutely recommend Sarah and her work.


AC, PhD researcher, Aberdeen. 

My Approach

Working with Sarah has been extremely beneficial and has positively impacted each area of my life; more positively than I ever could have imagined or expected.


Sarah is so lovely and really easy to talk to, each time we connect I feel more and more comfortable and at ease. I have been able to talk to her about things that I had previously not felt comfortable talking about before. 


Through our coaching together I have developed so much and sessions with her have helped me feel calm, in control and finally be the best version of myself. 


Working with Sarah has completely changed my view on Coaching and Therapy; I now feel instead that it is an opportunity for you to speak to someone who can help you learn new things,  help unlock your mind and help you learn new skills and tools to support yourself. 


Through coaching together Sarah has helped me live my best life!


I highly recommend her and her work.


RS, Vice President Property Broker, London


Coaching with Sarah has impacted my life dramatically, in the best possible way. 


It is exactly what I needed to help me feel more confident, calm and in control than I have ever felt before. The anxiety I felt previously has gone.


Sarah’s style was perfect for me; It was challenging yet empowering and I found her to be gentle, supportive, encouraging, inviting and our sessions were very productive. 


I enjoyed the support and resources which Sarah shared outside of our sessions and knowing I had Sarah ‘as my side kick’ allowed me to check in with her when I needed which allowed me to create even quicker change.


She always offered such thoughtful, knowledgeable and supportive replies which I felt was an invaluable addition to her coaching package. 


I would absolutely recommend working with Sarah. 


CH, Student, Manchester

Investing in myself and coaching with Sarah has been one of the best things I have done.


I was previously spending all my time worrying, over thinking, comparing and feeling like I was failing at life. Yet, after that first call with Sarah I felt totally relieved, I felt optimistic and had a plan and started the move forward.


At the end of my 90 days with Sarah, the changes I have made are incredible. 


Reviewing with Sarah just how far I have come in such a short space of time has given me such a huge sense of pride and our coaching work has become integral to my life.


I really valued having a space that was mine and someone to talk through ‘life’ with and provide me with clarity and direction. After each call I felt empowered and as though my confidence had increased even more.


After coaching with Sarah I'm no longer lost and overwhelmed; I am the total opposite! 


I have a new found motivation, I am confident and I am taking ownership of my life. 

I am truly the happiest I have been! 


RE, Social worker, Manchester

Coaching with Sarah was life changing; I am so glad I made the investment. 


I had previously had other coaching and therapy and found coaching with Sarah to be different than anything I had previously experienced. 


It was exactly what I needed and I wish I had found her sooner in life!


Through working together I feel like I have grown, I have a better knowledge and understanding of areas in my life I had been previously struggling with and I now know how to navigate them. 


I have adopted new skills and strategies which Sarah has taught me, which I have been putting into place and I am reaping the benefits. 


My life is actually changing for the better and my outlook on my life is healthier. 

I know where I am heading in life and I am now confidently moving forward. 


DP,  Executive Assistant, London

Sarah has a unique skill I have never experienced before, she is supportive yet challenging and holds such a safe and supportive space for you.  


As we talked, I was able to open up about things that had been holding me back for years. Through our work together I felt weights lifted and I gained a new sense of relieve and determination.


It is like learning how to train your mind and sort out everything that’s going on in your head and Sarah gave me the space and tools to be able to do that. 


Through our sessions everything that had previously been holding me back felt suddenly manageable and I had strategies I could put in place to move past my own insecurities. 


Absolutely recommend Sarah, wish I had reached out sooner.


LS, Senior Executive, Staffordshire

My Approach

Sarah challenged me, mentored me and guided me, towards the goals/behaviours I wanted to achieve.


Sarah was all in with me and that level of trust and loyalty was a fantastic experience and created an excellent climate for me to grow and develop my potential.

Through coaching with Sarah, taught me how to operate at an elite level, improving my thinking, communication & leadership style. Sarah is excellent as what she doers and working with her proved to me, that when you surround yourself with the best it

will 100% benefit you to grow, achieve & improve. 


The additional support Sarah offer's in-between is amazing & completes the package;

she was attentive, available, calm, clear and always concise; giving me tangible strategies that i could use.


Through working together I have changed and developed significantly, Calmness and peace are now the set standard

and not the goal. Techniques and methods I have learned over the past 6 months are ingrained as foundations

and I continue to use these daily. This allows me to attack any goals and deal with anything life throws at me - thanks to Sarah

and her fantastic support.

To anyone thinking of working with Sarah, I would say -

Absolutely do it, invest in yourself and working together will repay you ten fold.



ORVU2792 - David Fulton (1)_edited.jpg

David, Project Manager, Northern Ireland

Well firstly I’d just like to reiterate that the end of our work was positive and negative.. bittersweet.


Because having you there to support me and navigate through life’s toughest times has been beyond amazing.

But I also feel that the work has helped me find me again and a chance for me to take back the reigns on life with a clearer mind.


Sarah, you really are one of a kind.


You’re just a genuinely lovely human being, always seeing the good in people and being everyone’s biggest cheerleader.


You’ve taught me how to process things that had felt stuck for a long time and

given me the drive to want and do better for myself.


You’ve helped me to become more compassionate towards myself and helped me see me for all the things I am rather than concentrating on all the things I am not.


You are sunshine in human form and I can’t begin to thank you enough for supporting me,

being patient with me and helping me through these past few months, equipping me with tools to keep embedding whilst I evolve.


I’m so glad I took the decision to email you. It’s been such a special journey and you were the perfect person for the job!


Thank you, thank you, thank you. I cannot thank you enough!


HP, Mental Health Nurse

IMG_1221 - Harriet Pearson.jpeg

I feel like a student all over again; I've been taught so much and so many by Sarah to help me become my most confident self.

Overall, I am much calmer, more confident in myself and my decisons and feel empowered.

I've enjoyed working with Sarah throughout these 90 days.


I find that Sarah takes into consideration everything about you as a person in order to deliver the best service possible.


She is very supportive and understanding and the package exceeding my expectations!

I had the opportunity to take things away with me and continue researching and understanding my behaviours and learning to practise what's in my mental toolbox was more than what I was expecting.


Additionally, the fact that Sarah is available outside of the calls, made this even more valuable.

If you're reading this - Go for it! I have no regrets and you won't either.


There isn't anyone else I've come across who shows so much passion in the work they do, as Sarah does and

I'll forever be grateful for all the hard work Sarah has put in this package and working uniquely with me 

ME,  Manchester

IMG_5650 - Masarra Elmorabet.jpg

Working with Sarah has been a really great experience. She is extremely supportive - more so than I could have imagined.


I have been through a lot of high and low moments in my life in the past couple of years and through this Sarah has been a massive help. 

I felt like I could confide in Sarah and she would always support me through what I was going through, working with me in a unique way that felt supportive and empowering.


She helped me to develop a 'tool kit' of strategies that help me feel confident and calm.

I would 100% recommend working with Sarah!

JB,  Psychology Student, Staffordshire

IMG_7443 - Jordan Ball.HEIC

Sarah takes a really gentle yet proactive approach to all sessions, she's helped me feel more calm and in-control.

She listens and always knows how to respond, helping me feel completely relaxed to tell her anything.


I experienced her as knowledgeable and she has helped me develop my self-confidence and belief in myself.

I have valued working with Sarah, her unique approach is calming yet empowering. (Something I haven't experienced with other coaches)

She never judges, she is kind and compassionate and I feel completely relaxed about telling her anything without being judged.

Sarah genuinely cares about everyone and goes above and beyond all expectations!


She doesn't just do this for a job, she does it because she is kind and compassionate and she genuinely wants to empower people to be their most confident selves. 

I feel so lucky to have worked with Sarah and always recommend her work.

AW,  Masters Student, Staffordshire


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