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6 months Reflect, Review & Re-align

Oh my goodness, 6months into the year, how are we here already?!

The pressure to be on track and that feeling of overwhelm can set in,

when you realise there are still intentions you set in January, that you’ve not yet acted on.

This isn’t just you

This is so common this time of year, we see social media telling us to step it up as we’ve only got 6months left and yet at the same time,

the longer nights are here, the sun is finally shinning and all you reallly want to do is escape everything else and say yes to bbqs and bottomless brunches.

Im here to share - There is another way ✨

It doesn't have to be one or the other.

You can still take advantage of the summer and at the same time, be creating confidence, working on your inner calm and building your most unapologetic life.

After a decade in the wellness space, this is how I do it

I prefer to pause, slow down, tune in, acting from a place of calm and connect with myself and inner power.

Just like I did in January... around this time, of year I usually take myself out for coffee (and of course cake!) and spend time reviewing and reflecting on the previous 6 months.

I usually use the same journal and ask myself a set of thought starters and reflective questions.

It’s a moment to be with myself, celebrate my achievements and development and begin to be courageous; considering the next version of me and how I become her within the next 6months ahead.

More courageous

More decisive

More brave

More gentle

More compassionate

And less apologetic!

+ for me how can I be more of service to you (email me with anything you specifically want support with)

and more visible (so you can find the resources I create and you can use them to build your most unapologetic life)


Pause, there is time, time for your to make difference choices.

Time for you to work on what’s most important to you.

Time for you to become calm, confident and the empowered leader of your life.

Secondly- let’s Reflections on the last 6months ✨

Grab your journal and write down:

-Words to describe the first 6months of the year?

-Who were you being?

-In what ways were you being the kind of person you want to be and which ways were you not?

-What’s an area of your life where you made real tangible progress and what helped you to do this?

-What have you accomplished so far that you’re most proud of?

-What we’re the biggest challenges in this 6months?

(like I always teach the amazing women & men I work with - what are the lessons that these challenges taught you?

As I always say - there is wisdom in the messy parts.

Thirdly / let’s Set intentions for the next 6months - so what are they for you?🥳

-Words to describe who you want to be and how you want to feel?

-Consider 3 people that you admire and their characteristics- what are the ways in

-which you could embody more of these in the coming months ?

-What do you want your life to look like over the next 6 months? (Get specific)

-What do you need in place that would allow you to achieve them and support your success?

-Who do you need on your team?

Next - Reward yourself ✨

The more you celebrate yourself, reward yourself, the more you build both self esteem and momentum!

Consider how you can reward yourself for all that you are and all you have achieved these past few months. Allow yourself to be proud and soak it all in.

I hope by using this strategy in the form of intentions and actions that support you to become who you want to be in this next chapter of your beautiful life.

Over the past decade I’ve taught 1000s of high achievers to to swap doubt for confident, decisive action so they can live their most unapologetic life.

I’ve developed my own unique methods Using a beautiful mix of

Psychological, spirituality and strategy

Feeling calm, confident and living your most unapologetic life,

Gets to be real for you -

I’m extending an invitation to work together, from my heart to yours.

With Love & gratitude

Sarah x

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