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How to be more confident

The thing about increasing your inner confidence is, it starts with you increasing your sense of calm.

To coin one of my 1:1 clients; 'calmness is key'.

The calmer you are,

the more able you are to make confident decisions, to tune into your sense of self your intuition and to feel empowered, which in turn increases the sense of confidence you feel.

If you are wanting to feel more self assured, and increase your confidence, then my suggestion would be to focus on creating calm.

I talk further on this within this video, you can listen along and pick out tips and psychological techniques to help you increase your confidence and sense of calm.

Here is your starting place:

I hope watching this is helpful to you; let me know which tip you try.

Remember that:

  1. Confidence starts with you being calm

  2. You can invite calm into your day

  3. Confidence is a practice

  4. REFRAME: Confidence isn't about being the 'loudest' in the room.

  5. Re-define what confidence means to you, as confidence means different things to us all.

  6. Confidence is a skill that you can learn and build upon

  7. You are capable to learning new skills, un-learning old unhelpful limiting beliefs and begin to create new more helpful beliefs about yourself and the world

  8. Confidence shows up differently for you each day and can fluctuate.

Grateful for you,

Grateful that you're here.

Sarah x

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