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How to stay in the present moment

How to stay in the present moment
How to stay in the present moment

Sometimes, we all need a little bit of help to stay in the present moment – I’ve certainly been trying to remind myself of that and really take in & appreciate where I am right now with so much loving gratitude (Whilst I manage lap-top life with digital native life for a while)

At times your mind can feel full, and If you're not intentional your mind can start to spin and spiral; taking you out of the present moment and into a place where it's difficult to recognise yourself or calm your mind.

I know that work feels busy, you have deadlines, commitments and life to manage. And, sometimes, we all need a reminder to help bring us back to feeling calm & to the present moment. (Yes, even when life is all that you’ve been dreaming of! 💻🌏🦋)

Take a few minutes for yourself right now.

Whether you're stuck in traffic on the way to work or just sitting at your desk trying to navigate through your day, these techniques will help you ground yourself in your surroundings allowing you to create a calm mind, be present and enjoy more of your life.

Tip #1 - Relax your body

How often do you take actual time to consciously relax your body? I'm guessing not often, right? I'm betting right now in amongst your multi-tasking that you're holding tension in your jaw and shoulders. Take a moment right now to unclench your jaw and lower your shoulders and spend time relaxing your body, taking time to connect with your body will naturally bring you to connect with the present moment.

Tip #2 - Breathe

Truly take the time to breathe. Most of the time you're not truly breathing, the breaths are short & sharp instead. Take in a few deep 'belly breathes'.

I promise it will make all the difference. Don't underestimate the power of your breath.

You're creating calm, connecting to yourself & coming back to the present moment.

Tip #3 - Ground yourself in your surroundings

This is going to change the game for you, truly grounding yourself in your surroundings will bring a deep sense of calm.

Often you're racing through life, moving fast, jumping from meeting to meeting or task to task and not taking time to take in your environment. We sometimes don't even look up from our laptops or phones and can be glued to these, almost as though we're gonna find the answer we're looking for deep inside the 'scroll'.

Instead, put your devices down & look up. Take in your surroundings.

What can you see? What colours do you notice, if you're outside, how many shades of green can you pick out? And, what can you see (even in your own home/garden) that you've not actually seen before?

Taking time to ground yourself in your environment will help you stay in the present moment & create a deeper sense of calm.

Tip #4 - Train your mind

Take the time to truly train your mind to let go of unhelpful thinking, stop 'spiralling' and learn how to create a logical & calm mind so you can be in the present moment and therefore, maximise your life.

Finally, make sure you're taking action to support how you want to feel; calm, confident & empowered.

Hope these tips have been useful for you today, wherever you are. And, if you feel like you need more of this then I’m only a message away.

Sending love around the world and reminding you to be courageous with your beautiful life.

With love & gratitude,

Sarah x

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