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1 powerful tool you can use to feel instantly calm

This one powerful tool you can use to feel instantly calm is the 5,4,3,2,1 Grounding technique.

Anxiety is a feeling that most of us are familiar with and will absolutely have experienced with our life. Yet, there are tools you can put in place to reduce anxiety and to feel calm.

Speaking anxiety, public speaking, managing staff, running your business, supporting your team and colleagues are work stressors that can invite even the calmest person to feel anxious or unsettled.

You can use this one powerful tool to feel instantly calmer, to reduce anxiety and to help you feel grounded in the present moment.

Begin by paying attention to your breath and where in your body you feel the movement of breath. Steady, slow, deep breaths can help you reconnect to your sense of calm.

Once you've taken a few deep breaths, then follow these simple steps.

5: What can you see? Look around you and pick out 5 things you can see. It could be your laptop, a picture on the wall, your desk, whatever is in your immediate surroundings.

4: What can you touch? Look around you and pick out 4 things you can touch. Try to find different textures and move your hand to each, paying attention to what each feels like in your hand. It could be your hair, a glass, the jumper you're wearing or the texture of the notepad in front of you.

3: What can you hear? Listen careful and notice 3 things you can hear. Challenge yourself to tune into any sounds you can hear. It could be the sound of the clock ticking, the noise your laptop is making or a car in the distance. If you can, try to pick out sounds that you can hear outside of your body. However, your tummy and your deep breaths do count!

2: What can you smell? Pick out 2 things you can smell. Try to challenge yourself to pick out different smells; it could be the smell of the washing powder you washed your clothes with. It could be perfume or the smell of the room you are in. Breathe in deeply and acknowledge these different smells.

1: What can you taste? Pick out 1 thing you can taste. Focus your attention on what the inside of your mouth tastes like. It could be the taste of the hot drink you have or what you had for lunch. Focus your attention on that for a moment before continuing with your day.

Using this simple yet powerful technique can help you reduce anxiety, feel calmer and connect with yourself again so you can confidently go about your day. Perhaps, you can use it before your next presentation at work?

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