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New Years resolutions 2023: Make best New Years resolutions this year ✨

As you approach NYE, The pressure to set goals and resolutions can feel overwhelming, can't it?!

There is another way

I prefer to pause, acting from a place of calm and connecting with myself and inner power.

Around this time, each year I usually take myself out for coffee (and cake!) and spend time reviewing and reflecting on the previous 12 months.

I usually use the same journal and ask myself a set of thought starters and questions.

It’s a moment to be with myself, celebrate my achievements and development and begin to be courageous; considering the next version of me and how I become her within the next year ahead.

Instead of the ‘New year, new you’ bullsh*t..

Let this be the year that you spend becoming more of your wonderful self

(and work on believing just how wonderful you are!)

Where you show up for yourself and who you know you’re capable of being, a year where you are:

  • More courageous

  • More decisive

  • More brave

  • More gentle

  • More compassionate

  • And less apologetic!

Or if you do wanna go with the ‘new year, new you’ thing…

Reframe that phrase and make it mean this new year,

you prioritise yourself, your happiness, your self confidence and the next evolution of you.

How to Make Good New Years Resolutions

Instead of New Years resolutions, create focus’ & set intentions 🙏🏼

Make commitments in the form of actions to yourself, get specific with what they are and allow them to support you to become who you want to be in this next chapter of your life.

1 - Find time to pause

Grab your journal and take yourself for coffee or find somewhere you can sit for an hour. Pause, breathe, be and reflect.

Gift yourself this time, even if this means you get to this within the first few weeks of January.

2 - Reflections on last year

  • Words to describe last year?

  • Who were you being in 2022?

  • Things you're grateful for in 2022?

  • In what ways were you the kind of person you want to be and which ways were you not?

  • What’s an area of your life where you made real tangible progress and what helped you to do this?

  • What did you accomplish this year that you’re most proud of?

  • What we’re the biggest challenges this year and what lessons did they teach you?

  • What are you letting go of, that no longer serves you?

3 - Set intentions for the coming year, using the questions below:

  • What are your intentions for 2023?

  • Words to describe who you want to be in 2023?

  • Words to describe how you want to feel this coming year?

  • Consider 3 people that you admire and their characteristics- what are the ways in which you could embody more of these this year?

  • What are the three things that you want to accomplish or achieve this coming year?

  • What do you need in place that would allow you to achieve them? How can you build a system(s) that would support your success?

  • What do you want more of in 2023?

  • Identify your word for the year?

4 - Set reminders

Set specific dates in your dairy or within your phone calendar to regularly review your intentions. We all need reminders to revisit our intentions, especially within the fast paced nature of the loves we lead.

Ensure that you are keeping committed to yourself, your growth & your happiness.

5 - Reward yourself

Consider how you can reward yourself for all that you are and all you have achieved this past year.

Allow yourself to be proud and soak it all in.

A reward doesn't have to be huge, yet it does need to be something meaningful to you.

Instead of New Years resolutions, create focus’ & set intentions 🙏🏼

I hope by using this strategy above, that you can make better new years resolutions, in the form of intentions and actions that support you to become who you want to be in this next chapter of your beautiful life.

Do you want to feel calm & confident this coming year? ✨

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With love & gratitude

Sarah x

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