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6 steps to increase your self confidence

Does it feel like when you look around everyone is more confident than you? Perhaps, you see people you follow on social media who look calm and confident and you can’t understand why you’re not?

The truth is, they will also have doubts just like you, yet they have learned how to cultivate confidence and they know that confidence is something you have to consciously create.

Below you can find 6 actions you can take to begin to consciously create more confidence today.

1. Focus on you!

Stop scrolling social media, put your phone down and focus on you.

Focus on your life and everything you have going on.

Take stock of the path you’re on and acknowledge your own unique journey. Be proud of yourself for how far you have come and everything you have had to overcome to get here.

2. STOP comparing yourself!

If social media is sometimes to be believed, everyone else looks like they’ve got the ‘perfect’ life and everything is working out ‘perfectly’. Yet, in reality we know that is not the case, everyone has their own challenges and often only post the ‘highlights’ on social media that can cause you to continually fall into this comparison trap.

So my lovely, stop comparing your life to everyone elses… or should I say to the ‘perfect squares’ you see on social media.

If you can relate to this, you’ll find watching my Instagram live series helpful, its called ‘Scrap the Highlight Reel’. It is all about having real conversations, with real people about real things; removing the disconnect you see on social media, sharing the highs, the lows and tools that help. You can connect with me and check them out here:

3. Self Talk.

Start becoming aware of how you are talking to yourself.

What are the messages you’re giving yourself on a daily basis and ask yourself if you would talk to your best friend the way you talk to yourself?

Be mindful of the language you are using and ensure you are practising positive self talk. This will be a game changer for you.

4. Posture.

Take a moment to notice how you are sitting and what your posture is like. Are your shoulders round and your slumped over the desk? Do you try to keep yourself as small as possible?

Focus on your posture and change this now.

Ensure your back is straight, your shoulders are down and your head is held high.

To increase your confidence, spend a few minutes each day adopting the ‘superman’ pose: stand up straight, place your feet shoulder width apart, put your hands on your hips and take deep breaths in.

This will have an instant psychological impact and you will feel more confident.

5. Re-write your limiting beliefs.

We can all have unconscious limited beliefs either about ourselves or our capabilities. Self doubt and anxiety are often connected to the opinions we hold about ourselves which are based on our life experiences and those experiences we had growing up.

These limited beliefs can lead to self-sabotage and lack of confidence, overcoming these and re-writing them is important to cultivate lasting confidence. A starting point could be, grabbing your journal and beginning to identify what are these limiting beliefs that are causing your low confidence?

Remember to be kind to yourself throughout.

6. Create before you consume.

A morning routine sets the tone of your day and however you start your morning will have a lasting impact on you and how you feel throughout the day.

Do you currently just jump out of bed, grab a coffee and instantly check social media?

If so, you’re not the only one. This is usually my clients before we start working together. Starting their day feeling stressed, anxious and overwhelmed because they are consuming.

If you can relate to this, then you will benefit from spending a little bit of time each morning ‘creating’ rather than ‘consuming’.

Spend time creating calm and confidence and watch how much better you will feel. Start using this 1, 2, 3 approach below.

1 - Start your day with a simple meditation, you can use this one I recorded for you which will help you reconnect to yourself and your inner power.

2 - Use affirmations to affirm that you are calm and confident and can handle whatever comes your way today.

3 - Use visualisations to picture yourself confidently moving through your day with joy and ease.

I hope these 6 steps help you increase your inner confidence!

I believe in you. You've got this!

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